Update: Kolsåstoppen

  Almost two weeks ago I and some of my classmates went to the mountain in downtown Bærum called Kolsåstoppen. This mountain is at its peak 387 metres. Our geology teacher told us to og to the top of the mountain and take some Pictures of stones. Here are some Pictures of Kolsåstoppen;   Take […]

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The Movie Spare parts

Today in our English class we`ve watched a movie called Spare parts. I found this movie quite fascinating and interesting. In this movie they took up several quite relevant themes like illegal immigration in the US. There are over 11 milliion immigrants residing in the United States. Some of these people are just hardworking People […]

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Labour rises up from the ashes!

The latest updates on Norwegian politics is right here! The election was two days ago, and the leading coalition government and parties lost dramatically to the opposition spearheaded by Labour (Arbeiderpartiet) and The Green Party(MDG). The party of PM Solberg, Høyre (Conseratives) lost several big cities like Oslo and Bergen. They were also almost reduced […]

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Roald Dahl`s short stories

Today in the English lesson we`ve been reading a short story from Roald Dahl named “The landlady”. This short story is about seventeen years old Billy Weaver who moves to a new city called Bath. Billy is going to a registration office for work and needs a place to stay. A man recommends a boarding […]

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