Modern digital technology – our blessing or our dooming? Modern digital technology is a blessing and our only way forward. How does this statement suit your opinion? In this debate article, I am going to give some pros and cons about our technological future. Just a help in our hectic lifestyle In the preparation material […]

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The American Dream

There are a lot of the popular Music genres that has its roots in the U.S., for example blues, rock and roll, country and jazz. There are a lot of famous american artists. Movies has been produced in the US since the end of the 1800´s. Since the first world war has Hollywood been the […]

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Technology at my school

We live in the 21 century. This century is very dependent on technology. I attend Sandvika High School and I use technology on a daily basis. Every day we witness new historic achievements like water found on the red planet or a new medicine against former deadly diseases. This is an indicator that shows us […]

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