Technology at my school

We live in the 21 century. This century is very dependent on technology. I attend Sandvika High School and I use technology on a daily basis. Every day we witness new historic achievements like water found on the red planet or a new medicine against former deadly diseases. This is an indicator that shows us that we will progress, and thankfully we`ll have our IPads or mobile phones with us to try to adapt to the new lifestyle. They are a necessity to our future progress.
I perceive technology as a part of our lifestyle. We would not function properly without it.

I am very proud of my school because they have taken technological education to a Whole New perspective. my class, 1STC, and some other classes were chosen to a experimential Project where we use only Our Laptops or Our computers. We don`t have any regular schoolbooks. All of Our schoolbooks are online on a website called
I find this Project as quite fascinating. Imagine that I am a pioneer in the form of education in the future!

In my School we must have a Laptop or a mac With us at all times. This makes us quite dependant on them, but Our effectivicy is much larger. Every question is just a click away from being answered. We also use Our mobilephones for the educational quiz called Kahoot.

This is a New way of Learning, which I think will lead to much more Productivity and more creativity.
We also use OneNote, where we can have a mutual notebook so that the entire class may take notes togheter and help eachother.
In my Math, P-Math, we use something called Campus Inkrement and reversed Learning. We learn at home when we watch videoes and do homework, and when we come to the School we get help and we get questioned on the topic of the day.

A lightweight Pc is much easier to carry then two or Three Heavy books.


3 thoughts on “Technology at my school

  1. I like the way you mentioned how you all started to just feel out the waters and see what it was like without textbooks. It is good to try new things and test it out before fully jumping in. Just be aware of how much an addiction technology can be, because yes, it is a great addition to learning and assisting us as a great tool but it is also very addictive. I read in another students blog that there are two sides to using technology, it is great but it can also hinder us more than it helps us if we are not careful so just be aware of how invested you are in technology and for what reasons. I love the blog by the way!


    1. Hey! My name is Ruben, and I am a classmate of Mohammeds. I think addiction to technology i a serious problem, and this might just enhance it. However it is a lot more practical than books. Nice comment, and feel free to check out my blog!


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