Modern digital technology – our blessing or our dooming? Modern digital technology is a blessing and our only way forward. How does this statement suit your opinion? In this debate article, I am going to give some pros and cons about our technological future. Just a help in our hectic lifestyle In the preparation material we read about a mum with a toddler. Her life as a mum and a carrier woman is hectic, but the modern digital technology like IPad or BlackBerrys have made her life so much easier for her. Even when she is in traffic, she has time to order food and do her grocery. This is just another example of how fast and rapidly the world is changing and that digital technology is just helping us to adapt to our new and modern societies. Every day we witness new historic achievements like water found on the red planet or a new medicine against former deadly diseases. This is an indicator that shows us that we will progress, and thankfully we`ll have our IPads or mobile phones with us to try to adapt to the new lifestyle. They are a necessity to our future progress. I don`t think that digital technology is the only way to our progress, but I think that they are a instrument that will help us advance in a hurry. They are a blessing, if we use them in a correct manner. The enslavement of minds Are the new apps that we daily encounter a threat to our normal brain function and reasonably thinking.
I think that we must use our mobile phones and computers less often because we may get addicted to it. The preparation material mentions that the very popular Tinder app have used a swipe mode to make more people addicted to this fast dating app. They use a «don’t think too much» mode, which makes users less thinking and more addicted. They used the same mentality in the very addictive Candy Crush game. I fear that these kind of addictive and effort-taking games and apps will result in less brain productivity and less creativity. This would not lead our progress any further, but rather halt our progress and advancement. The very motion of our progress in the digital world from the early prototypes of the computer to the newest IMacs or Windows 10 was and still is creativity. I haven`t seen any apps that endorse this motion and that would make people less dependent on other things and more relying on their brains and their abilities. My conclusion on this topic is that digital technology is a blessing, but may be a curse if we do not use it properly. I think that digital technology will help us advance, but I also recommend to use it to a lesser extent, so that old and good fashioned thinking and old ways may help us progress.


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