Ernest Hemingway, a sensational writer!

Today our teacher gave us the task of reading one of Hemingway’s short stories named “A day`s wait”. The theme of the story, I think, is concealing your inner thoughts and letting them control you. We also got the question if it is good to keep things for yourself if you are hurt, or if you should share it with someone else. My opinion on this matter is that you should relieve your shoulders of great burden and tell it to someone you trust. Concealing it all in you, does not solve the matter. Ernest Miller Hemingway was born 21st of July 1899 in Oak Park in the American state of Illinois and died in 1961. He served in both of the world wars as an ambulance driver. Hemingway did not go to college, but started to work in the local newspaper right after High School graduation. After the world war, he went to Paris and there he got in touch with some of the greatest writers like Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald’s publishing company published Hemingway’s first short story named The Sun Also Rises, and started to publish other work as well. Most of the writers at that time used long sentences and wrote a lot of unnecessary stuff. Hemingway way was to write short sentences, and get to the point quicker. The popularity of Hemingway’s works was greatly based on the themes of his short stories, both facts and fiction, had themes. The themes were often wilderness, war and love, which sounds appealing to every reader. There is a lot of dialogue in the text between the father and the son, but also many inner thoughts is revealed in the text. Ernest and another group of writers got the nickname the lost generation. They people called them this because they took a stand against an American focus on materialism and gaining possessions. The story is about a little sick boy with a flu and his father who calls him Schatz (German meaning darling). The father calls in a doctor and the doctor tells him that his temperature in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius. He thought that this temperature would be lethal, because he heard that in France where they use Celsius, you would die if your temperature were above 44 degrees, and he has 102(in Fahrenheit). The story mainly signifies the little boys misunderstanding that had led him to think that he would not survive. Like many of Hemingway`s texts facts become fiction. The event that takes place in the short story had actually happened too Ernest. While Hemingway was living in France his son came downstairs with a fever similar to the boy you meet in the text. I recommend all of you to read this short story and perhaps get more educated! 😉


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