The indiginous people of Australia

The aboriginals are the natives in mainland Australia and Tasmania. They are a people that came to Australia some 40 000 years ago, while the British have only been there for less than 400 years. When the British captain James Cook “discovered” Australia and colonized it in 1770. This was a tragic event for the natives of the land. They were killed in thousands, their land was taken from them and they were forced to adapt to “white” culture. They brought along diseases that the natives never before had encountered. The aboriginals were a easy match for the British with their modern weapons against the harpoons of the aboriginals. The British viewed them as an inferior race and that they were unable to help themselves and they were doing them a favour by colonizing them. Before the colonizing and genocide campaign against the indigenous people of Australia their numbers were as high as one million men and women. The highest estimates today are less than 66000 natives left. The aboriginals are divided into tribes estimated at approximately 500 different tribes with their own distinct characteristics. They have a rich and beautiful culture, even after several attempts to breed the race out so that they might become white. There was even an official law that legitimized stealing the children that were half native and half whites to try to make them “civilized”. This policy lasted until 1972 and made an entire generation to forget about their culture and roots. The so called stolen generation. Aboriginals are still faced by racism and discrimination even though it is originally their country. Many of them also have serious alcoholic problems, which I believe is the fault of the British and white supremacist governments.


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