How i learn English – Competency goals

Today Ann gave us a task to show how we can master the competency goals using different methods of learning. The task was the following: In groups of 4 read the three competence aims above and discuss what they mean to you. How can you improve your English? How can you avoid grammar mistakes and how can you work on your vocabulary? What is a good way to work on your pronunciation? How do you prefer to work in English class? How can you show your teachers that you master all three goals? Try out the different websites suggested here and write an article on your blog where you reflect on your learning. Include thoughts and insight from the rest of your group.” Here you can see a screenshot of the competency goals from the Norwegian department of Education.

  • We use different methods to learn and further our English skills. To have a variety in learning methods is very crucial for the motivation of the student. I have had several written assignments, produced a movie about technology and handed in several podcasts where I engage in a conversation. I have also SKYPED with students who use English as their native language. All of this helps me to extend my skills in English and to further my vocabulary.
  • I think that I have advanced further in my skills and that I have progressed from the beginning of the schoolyear. My grades in oral and written English is okay, but I feel like I still have more to offer and therefore I am willing to work even harder in the next semester to get the highest grades and to show how I have steadily progressed.
  • We have used several webcasts from TEDX events, whom I have tried to view and evaluate independently and critically. I also try to use several sources instead of one biased source. This improves my English skills because I use highly professional sites where I can extend my vocabulary and my understanding of the English language.

    My group agreed with me and thought that a variety in how to earn is quite effective and good for English progress. They thought that this new way of learning was better than the traditional “read a book” way.


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