Today Ann gave us a task to read the short story two kinds by Amy Tan. A short story is a genre of short and narrative prose. They are usually centered around one single event.
The Author of the book comes from an Chinese immigrant Family residing in the US. Tan published this short story in 1989.
This story is about Jing-mei a daughter of chinese immigrants which is trying to live under her mothers desires for her to become a progidy. Jing-mei grows up to become a rebbelious teen and she makes her own Choices.

The two main charachters is Jing-mei and her mother. They have a very tense relationship, because Jing-mei doesnt listen to her mother enough and try hard enough to become a genius child.  Amy Tan has chosen to use alot of dialogue, and this makes the scene almost alive.

A short story does not focus on small details so we didnt get to know hoe Jing-Mei looked like.

This short story is something common in a multicultural modern world. You have Your parents values and traditions and Your New countrys traditions and values and you are not sure on whom to pick. Conflicts are healthy and it is a part of human beeings, but you should not have many conflicts.

I mostly agreed With Jing-Mei and disapproved her mums opnions, but parents only want was good for you.


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