Last week Ann gave us a task to write about a new website called I didn’t get to do the task before now as I had to guide 10th graders who wanted to visit our school. The county office, Akershus, has provided all the High schools within the municipality with access to I found this new website quite fascinating, and it helps you to stay updated inn world matters in different languages. My opinion is that will help me to increase my knowledge about world matters in English. Here you have a link to the website! –

The task Ann gave us was to compare different newspapers articles about a certain theme. I chose to compare articles from New York Daily, Washington Post and the New York Post about a great snowstorm that plagued big parts of north-eastern America. This snowstorm was referred to as “Snowzilla”. It was sad to read that several people died as a result of this horrific storm. I got the impression that the articles were overall almost identical. They had the same facts and some even had the same witnesses. The New York Post only wrote about the snowstorm in local areas while the two others focused on the entire country. All of the newspapers tied this incident to global warming. As we all know many Americans don’t believe that global warming exists, but it is real. The articles wrote about the connection between increased extreme weather and global warming, but scientists were unable to prove that the specific incident had anything to do with global warming and climate change.



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