Sherman Alexies Book

Sherman Alexie was born on a reservation and is a Native American. He left his family to pursue an education. My first impression of him was that he seems like a down to earth person and quite relaxed. Alexie grew up with many difficulties including alcoholic problems. Even though he still kept his head up and made some achievements.

The book is based on how Sherman Alexie grew up and some of the obstacles he faced growing up. I choose to read this book because it kind of had an appeal to me in comparison to the other book.

Nick Hornby`s book “About a boy” does also seem interesting, but it did not have the same appeal to me. The interview was quite boring and i did not understand what they were discussing. I did not quite get the relevance of the themes they discussed.

Nick Hornby’s book “About a boy” seems interesting as well, but in the interview, I did not understand when the interviewer and Nick talked about the book or when they talked about Nick. They also talked a lot about music and I did not get the entire content of the conversation.


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