My reading of The Absolutely true diary of a part-time indian

The themes that were discussed in the book were very relevant to the everyday lifes of people who live on reservations. The author managed to write about dark themes like Arnold Junior fathers alcoholisism and death on the reservations. Alexie also took up themes sorrounding love and hope. Junior fell in love with the white girl named Penelope and he saw some form of light at the end of the tunnel when he transferred to Reardan High school.

The happening in the book happens on the reservation in Winnipit and the white small city some miles up north named Reardan. The enviroment that surrounds Junior is one wich is abusive and racist. He does not fit into the white society nor the native american community. He is constantly surrounded by death and funerals and hopelessness.

The plot of the story is that Junior decides to transfer to a white school nearby so that he can recivie a proper education. He gets branded as a traitor and he is hated by everyone on the reservations or the rez as he calls it.
He is also a basketball player and he must play with his new teammates from the white team against his former teammates from the school at the reservation.Along the transfer many bad things happen to Junior but he manages to overcome the obstacles.

Junior changes from the start of the book to the end. He is quite insecure at the begining and he feels as if he does not deserve better. He thinks that it is his destiny to stay at the reservation and live below the poverty line. At the end he understands that he has a right to be ambitious and to follow his dreams. He gets more secure on himself and he becomes more happy even though calamities happen to him on a daily basis.

My own impression of the book is that it was a well written and real book. Alexie is a realist and he does not try to beautify the truth, and this makes his book seem more legit and true. I found the words and language that he used to be simply hilarious. Overall i think that this is one of the better books i have read.


7 thoughts on “My reading of The Absolutely true diary of a part-time indian

  1. Its your friend from Canada Andrew, your blog was very well written and i agree that it is one of the better books that i have read. This book is very hilarious and i also like that the author doesn’t try to beautify the truth. My favourite part of the book was when Junior nailed the three against Wellpinit the second time. It was my favorite part of the novel because i enjoy basketball and playing sports.


  2. I thought the book was funny as well but also sad, as it talks about some pretty serious issues, such as alcoholism and death. My first impression was that it was a sad book that outlines the problems in native american culture. When I got to the end of the book, my impression was that it was very well written and tells you about the problems on the reservations. My favourite part of the book was when Junior was in one of his classes after he had been away for a lot of funerals and the teacher said that she didn’t realize that he was in his class and all the students dropped their textbooks on the floor and walked out of the class in support of him.


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