In-depth project

Every day we see pictures of dead refugees in the sea, we hear about ISIS (The “Islamic” state) and their atrocities committed against minorities and everyone who does not condone their form of ultra-orthodox Salafism. We hear about densely populated areas bombed by barrel bombs, we hear about the al-Assad forces committing war crimes and about refugees fleeing war and met by European police with rubber bullets and tear gas.
The big question mark in the crisis that evolves around two continents is; does Europe have the ability to take in more refugees and how can we stop the bloodshed in Syria?

In the past weeks, we have been working on our in-depth project where we could choose a topic of our choice. I chose the Syrian civil war and the European refugee crisis. Here is an extract from the five pages long article i wrote. What do you think about my introduction to the theme? Constructive criticism folks!


2 thoughts on “In-depth project

  1. You’ve chosen a difficult but interesting topic for your project. I know it’s a bit late to make changes for the purpose of your assignment, but there is one small change I would suggest is to say “…about refugees fleeing war who are met by European police…” instead of “and met by”. Your introduction makes me want to read the rest of the paper. I was disappointed that you didn’t include more on your blog!


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