About a boy

A few weeks ago we watched the movie `About a boy`. The movie is based on the book written by Nick Hornby. However, those in my class that chose to read Hornby’s book say that the movie is slightly different than the book and that different scenes take place in the movie wich are not  in the book.

The plot in the movie is about Will Freeman, a rich guy who has never had an honest job, and who has no idea about what he wants to do with his life. He sleeps with younger women and even lies to them and makes up a fictional two-year-old boy.
One day he meets a young boy named Marcus wich he develops a friendship with. Will begins to think that this 12-year old boy is more mature than him and in the end of the movie we get to see a Will that has grown.

I think that the message of the movie is that you can`t always equate adulthood with maturity.

I would personally not recommend the movie to others because I found it quite boring and confusing at times. The climax of the movie was also not entertaining. The entire movie seems kind of unsystematic and I feel like the producers failed to catch my interest.


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