My advice to next year students

We`ve listened to three different commencement speeches at Harvard university and a New Orleans University by Ellen Degeneres, a popular talk show hostess, J.K Rowling a world renounced  author and Steven Spielberg, a famous producer.
Ellen`s speech is about the acceptance and importance of failure. She says that failure is something that makes you stronger and that its has an important lesson. She doesn’t think that students that have graduated will face any difficulties, but she thinks that failure is a necessity experience. She went trough a dark time, but she emerged as a well known and renowned talk show hostess.

J.K. Rowling used her speech also to talk about the relevance of failure. She talked about how poverty affected her and her family to such a degree that she got depressed. Rowling went to a British University and got a degree in classic linguistic, but she failed to get any good job. Later she was discovered and wrote several books. Writing books were her passion, and she went for it. She also encouraged the students, that are so lucky to live in a rich and free part of the world, to stand up in solidarity with the oppressed people in the world.We have an advantage in this world, and it is our responsibility to do something to change the world.

The third commencement speaker was Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg`s speech was about the importance of a degree.
He dropped out of college in the sophomore year and started working for Universal. Later in his fifties, he enrolled college once again and got his degree. He walks the talk as well.
The degree further opened his eyes to life outside his little bubble. He started to produce movies with meaning and passion.
Spielberg uses an analogy between a hero and a villain. Every person needs a villain to vanquish. He believes that every human has a character defining moment every day.
Spielberg also talks about the rise of hatred in the world, and how we can combat hate. With love, he says. His advice to the graduates is that they must never lose eye-contact and that human connection is fading because of social medias.

The common factor between all the three commencement speakers is that inclusion is important. Spielberg stressed the fact that the US is a nation of immigrants, for now(referring to the presumed Republican candidate Donald Trumps remarks on deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants), and Rowling made a point that we are lucky to live in a part of the world where we enjoy and perhaps take our democratic rights for granted. The graduates are the future leaders of this world and it is important that they have healthy and inclusive opinions and values. We should do something for the rest of the world that have not been as lucky as us and won the golden prize in the lottery.

My advice to the next year students is that they come to this school with an open mind. You must be ready to further your perspective on how learning is done. If you come with an open mind, ready to try out new things and also experience new things.
I experienced that it was quite hard to focus the first days at school because of my classmates MAC`s and PC`s, but I can promise you that it gets easier if you try to follow what the teachers say, and don’t let the others disrupt your education and your future.
You should also know that getting good grades in High school demands hard work and that you should be prepared to stepping up the game.


– Mohamed Awil


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