WORLD ISSUES + extras ;)

Studying and Working Abroad

Many young people choose to go abroad to study or work. What might be the reasons for this?

– I think that many young people want to leave the “nest” and try to experience the world for themselves. They want to broaden their perspective on things, and that can`t happen in their hometown and within a safe and trustable environment. 



What is multiculturalism? Can you give examples of multicultural societies? What possibilities and challenges do multicultural societies face?

– A multicultural society is a tolerant and open society with different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Norway is a multicultural society, and I am also multicultural as I am ethnically an African, but also Norwegian.

Global Issues

In our global society, there are many challenges. (environment, overpopulation, terrorism, conflicts, etc.) Choose one issue and discuss it (problem, where, effect, possible solution).

  • There are many different global issues in the world news scene at the moment but the biggest I think are global terrorism, culture clashes, inflation and Brexit as well as the ludicrous US presidential race between two of the least favourable personalities in that country(according to a Pew research poll).



7 thoughts on “WORLD ISSUES + extras ;)

  1. Hey Mohamed,
    I love learning about world issues, as bad as they are.
    This is a great start to the blog, I hope you continue to work on this blog.
    My only advice is to expand on your ideas and to go more in depth on some of your topics.
    In your topic ‘Global Issues’ you only mention some issues. You also mention terrorism, maybe you could give an example of a terrorist group and give your opinion on terrorism.

    Rylan and Keaton


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