Feedback to the exercise `Breaking the ice`

Hey,  guys! This is a new year, and I’m still enrolling at Sandvika High school in the second grade! I have a new international English class, and our teacher Dave – or David(From Africa! ;)) and he wanted to make us feel less shy in class. He asked us to do some fun, but quite uncomfortable exercises.
My expectations for today’s lesson was probably to get to know the group better and do some fun activities related to learning international English.
At first, I taught that I wouldn’t like it all, as I feel that I am trespassing on others private sphere, but after a while, I found it quite interesting.
At first, I felt shy, uncomfortable, excited, interested and curious. I felt those feelings because I don’t know anyone in the class except for one or two people, but I was also quite curious to find out what Dave had prepared for us.
Today I learnt that I can trust people whom I don’t know, and I also learnt that I have a rich fantasy and that I imagine things that aren’t there.


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