Humans of Oslo

Hey, guys! Today we went to Oslo on a class trip to the Nobel Peace Center, but we also worked on a project called Humans of Oslo. We paired up and went around in the city asking people questions and trying to find interesting people to interview.
The exercise was quite scary at the beginning, but as i stopped more and more people I felt more comfortable. This is the  most interesting guy that I interviewed;

Shkair Ayyad

“I was born in occupied Al-Khalil(Hebron) in Palestine. If I could meet any person i would meet Netanyahu(The Isreali PM) to tell him to stop occupying my country!”

Shkair is working on a Palestine-stand outside Youngstorget to rally support and money to Palestine. He thinks of himself as a grassroots activist.

“The thing that i am most grateful for in my life is my wife and our marriage. more than three decades now!”

They married at Jerusalem, a city which they now can not enter as it is under Israeli occupation and all exile-Palestinians are banned.

“I hope that I one time i can go back to Palestine and continue teaching there. I was actually a teacher in Dubai with my wife for 20 years! And now i have lived in Norway for 16 years! I love it here. The cold doesn’t bother me, it is the personality of the people that draws me to this wonderful place.”

“If you don’t have good teachers at Sandvika, tell me!”

// Initially i thought that it was going to be scary and hard to have an ordinary conversation with random people on the street, but I found some really interesting people that had so much to say. My overall experience is that it was fun and educating to learn about humans in this way while also using the English language to express yourself in a good way.

— Shkair agreed to his picture being published at my blog for educational purpose only.


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