Dear future President

My letter to the next POTUS
Dear Hillary Clinton. It is highly that you are going to become the next President of the United States. I hope that you become the change that the world needs, but looking at your record of accomplishment does not give me the slightest hope of change. You have ousted a democratically elected President, killed an incumbent leader of a sovereign nation, backed two of the most devastating wars in our lifetime and helped a racist regime crackdown on Palestinians.

I cannot tell you how to run your own country, but I can tell you to try to look after the working class. It is just sad to me that a western developed country does not have healthcare for its entire population. Your country lacks infrastructure, education and healthcare, and yet you focus more on selling the Saudis weapons? Please take care of your own people and for once be a President that is not imperialist, colonialist or centrist. Build a better Obamacare, call it Hillary care if you want to.
I hope that you become the real change that America so desperately needs.


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