My visit to Prosentret

My visit to Prosentret

Today I went with my fellow classmates and teachers to visit a centre for prostitutes in Oslo. Before I went, I did not have many opinions regarding this issue other than that it should be illegal. Sadly, we did not get the opportunity to talk to people who sell sexual favours for a living, but we had the opportunity to see a nice presentation by one of the social workers at the centre.

As almost everyone else, many people have stereotypes when it comes to prostitution and the global sex industry. The sex industry is comprised of not just prostitution, but also pornography and sex toys as well as human trafficking. The law is clear on what is illegal and what is legal. Elin Kock, the co-worker at Prosentret, went through the legal framework of Norway’s prostitution and pimping laws. She also made me expand my horizons and see that one thing is connected to another thing and that I have to see the larger picture. This larger picture is connected to push and pull factors and economic migration. One of the reasons that we do not have many ethnic Norwegian prostitutes is because we live in a welfare state that looks after all of its citizens so that they do not have to take this drastic solution.


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