From Brexit to Flexit

The article about Brexit written in the Norwegian paper Aftenposten discusses how Theresa May`s Conservative Party is divided because of the EU negotiations and the surprising outcome of the snap general election that May called for in June. The divorce process has been though because of British uncertainty, and Brussels lack of will to cooperate and compromise.  Many political pundits hoped that the Conservative Party would rise up from the ashes like a rising phoenix after Mays speech to the annual Conservative conference. That was not the case. The Prime Minister did not manage to clarify the British stance on the Brexit negotiations, and she did not manage to unite the Conservative Party.

The Conservative Party was anticipated to win the snap general election by the media and political pundits, but they lost the majority and they are now dependent on 10 Ulster-unionists. That`s a failure for Theresa May and her cabinet. This is in stark contrast to the past of the Conservatives, where one of the ministers said – The Socialists can scheme their schemes, the Liberals can dream their dreams, but we have work to do.

According to the article, the Conservative Party worked as an election campaign machine and won victory after victory. Maybe the days of Margaret Thatcher and Conservative majority are over?

The article also discusses Boris Johnson, the Foreign affairs minister, and how he undermines the government’s official stance on Brexit. Johnson calls for a hard Brexit, and in some cases, he undermines the official stance. The only hope, oddly enough, that the Conservative Party has is a dinosaur called Jacob Rees-Mogg. Rees-Mogg is very old-fashioned and conservative; the article asks us if he can bring back the young voters appeal to the Tories. Who knows in a world of Sanders, Corbyn`s and Trump`s.


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