The aftermath of the Parkland school shooting

In the weeks after the horrible school shooting committed by 19 years old troubled and mentally unstable Nicholas Cruz, a movement has emerged. With slogans like “Never again!” and “#Whatif?” they demand answers. This student-led statewide movement has organized demonstrations and their representatives have been debating with politicians and gathered support. They demand common sense gun-control […]

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The Northern Irish conflict

“The Irish question” or conflict, is mainly about the two groups of people fighting over the same land, the Unionists who are mainly Protestants, also referred to as Loyalists, and the Nationalists who are manly Catholics also referred to as Republicans. The Unionists would like the province to remain part of the United Kingdom. The […]

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In every presidential election, the media will announce the new President and Vice President by the morning after election day; however, when are the President and Vice-President actually elected? After Election Day, somewhere in December, the electors elect the President and Vice-President. What does it mean to “concede?” – To concede means to accept defeat. […]

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