My advice to next year students

We`ve listened to three different commencement speeches at Harvard university and a New Orleans University by Ellen Degeneres, a popular talk show hostess, J.K Rowling a world renounced  author and Steven Spielberg, a famous producer. Ellen`s speech is about the acceptance and importance of failure. She says that failure is something that makes you stronger […]

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About a boy

A few weeks ago we watched the movie `About a boy`. The movie is based on the book written by Nick Hornby. However, those in my class that chose to read Hornby’s book say that the movie is slightly different than the book and that different scenes take place in the movie wich are not […]

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In-depth project

Every day we see pictures of dead refugees in the sea, we hear about ISIS (The “Islamic” state) and their atrocities committed against minorities and everyone who does not condone their form of ultra-orthodox Salafism. We hear about densely populated areas bombed by barrel bombs, we hear about the al-Assad forces committing war crimes and […]

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Sherman Alexies Book

Sherman Alexie was born on a reservation and is a Native American. He left his family to pursue an education. My first impression of him was that he seems like a down to earth person and quite relaxed. Alexie grew up with many difficulties including alcoholic problems. Even though he still kept his head up […]

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A IQ-test for the United States? The American candidates for this year’s elections have made headlines throughout the world. I would like to make a short introduction of all the different candidates from both the GOP (Republicans) and the Democrats. REPUBLICANS 1. Donald J. Trump – He is the frontrunner in the Republican primaries. He […]