The global goals 2.0

The global goals are not just some optimistic goals set by leaders, they are possible goals that humanity can reach within the next 15 years. This requires us to do an effort. We can’t end world hunger and achieve gender equality with business as usual. This requires radical change. How do we achieve changes to […]

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My visit to Prosentret

My visit to Prosentret Today I went with my fellow classmates and teachers to visit a centre for prostitutes in Oslo. Before I went, I did not have many opinions regarding this issue other than that it should be illegal. Sadly, we did not get the opportunity to talk to people who sell sexual favours […]

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Dear future President

My letter to the next POTUS Dear Hillary Clinton. It is highly that you are going to become the next President of the United States. I hope that you become the change that the world needs, but looking at your record of accomplishment does not give me the slightest hope of change. You have ousted […]

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Humans of Oslo

Hey, guys! Today we went to Oslo on a class trip to the Nobel Peace Center, but we also worked on a project called Humans of Oslo. We paired up and went around in the city asking people questions and trying to find interesting people to interview. The exercise was quite scary at the beginning, […]

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WORLD ISSUES + extras ;)

Studying and Working Abroad Many young people choose to go abroad to study or work. What might be the reasons for this? – I think that many young people want to leave the “nest” and try to experience the world for themselves. They want to broaden their perspective on things, and that can`t happen in […]

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